44 Days of Daily UI


In an attempt to better myself as a pixel pusher, I designed an interface each day—for 44 days—on various subjects of my interest. My goal is to explore different visual/interaction mobile design patterns as well as playing around with typefaces.


Listed below 😛

Sign Up
Typefaces : Gotham Rounded, Mark OT

Typeface : Px Grotesk

Flight Info
Typefaces : GT Pressura, Apercu

Music Chart
Typefaces : Platform, Px Grotesk

TV Shows
Typefaces : Platform, Lab Grotesque

User Profile
Typeface : Px Grotesk

Typeface : Px Grotesk

Product View
Typefaces : Formular, Gotham Rounded

Dating Profiles
Typeface : Gotham Rounded

Music Player
Typeface : Formular

Contact Us
Typefaces : Canela, Circular

Payment Summary
Typeface : ARS Masquette Pro

To-do List
Typefaces : Platform, Lab Grotesque

Online Banking
Typefaces : GT Pressura, Lab Grotesque

Movie Info
Typeface : Px Grotesk

Event Listings
Typefaces : GT Pressura, GT Sectra, ARS Maquetta Pro

Museum Ticket
Typefaces : Adelle, Graphik

Job Listings
Typeface : Gloriola Std

Typefaces : GT Pressura, Circular

Shopping Cart
Typefaces : Relative, Feijoa

Baking Recipe
Typefaces : Apex Rounded, Mark OT

Movie Showtimes
Typeface : Platform

Check Out
Typeface : Metric

Shoe Detail
Typefaces : Fayon Pro, Apercu

Photo Metadata
Typefaces : Lab Grotesque, Px Grotesk

Typeface : Maison Neue

Newsletter Subscription
Typefaces : Glosa Display, Circular Std

Fitness Dashboard
Typefaces : Gotham Rounded, Lab Grotesque

Music Playlist
Typefaces : GT America, Px Grotesk

Direct Message
Typeface : ARS Maquette Pro

Furniture Browsing
Typefaces : Gotham Rounded, Formular

Restaurant Menu
Typefaces : GT Pressura, GT Sectra

Contact List
Typeface : Formular

Library Listings
Typeface : Formular

File Management
Typeface : Formular

Event Form
Typefaces : Platform, GT America

Typefaces : Lab Grotesque, Platform

Book Chapters
Typeface : Geogrotesque

Error State
Typefaces : Domaine Display, Graphik

Loan Summary
Typeface : Lab Grotesque

Job Board
Typefaces : Fayon Pro, Lab Grotesque

Article List
Typefaces : Feijoa, Formular

Science Article
Typefaces : Recoleta, Gilroy, Utopia

Typeface : Gotham Rounded