Helmm is a lifestyle brand that designs deodorant for the Modern Man. Zach Groffsky and Taylor Lane, founders of the product, partnered with Studio Rodrigo to craft the e-commerce experience. The design team at Rodrigo iterated on a few different visual directions and carried out the responsive web design.

Project Lead: Ritik Dholakia
Design Lead: Erin Woo
Designer: Me 😉


Concept design: Platform, Feijoa, Formular, Periodico, Metric, Geogrotesque, Px Grotesk
Final design: Avenir

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Many mainstream deodorant brands don’t offer distinctive scents, they are wasteful—once you are done with the containers you throw them away, they aren’t convenient—most of the time you can’t tell that you are running out and have to run to the drug store, and of course most of the containers aren’t attractive. 

Competitive Analysis
We started out by doing a broad competitive analysis of other lifestyle brands—mainly looking at their audience and tone of voice. Here are some examples:

Visual Directions
After looking at other brands, the team decided on four different directions that Helmm could potentially be in.

The Future Of …
Innovative, Bold, Authoritative, Considered, Sleek, Cinematic

Beautiful Object
Minimalist, Simple, Authentic, Trusted, Premium, Controlled

Contemporary Experience
Editorial, Adventurous, Confident, Genuine, Trendy, Independent

Service & Convenience
Conversational, Simple, Clever, Casual, Approachable, Easy

Homepage Visual Design
Each designer tackled a direction. Mine was contemporary experience, where the design focuses on the modern men who would use the product and less about the product as an innovative object. Here are a few iterations I worked on:

After 2 rounds of homepage visual design, I worked on making high-filelity wireframes for some of the key pages: Product Landing, Product Details, Scent Landing, Scent Details, Why Helmm?, Helmm’s Blog

All-in-one Shopping Experience

Build-the-Product Experience

Visual Design
The design lead and I worked together to design and iterate on the rest of the site. In particular, I worked on: Product Landing, Scent Details, Why Helmm?, Helmm’s Blog, User Account, Cart View. At this stage, we were using a lot of fake content 🙄.

Scent Detail (Ex. Coastline)

Helmm’s Blog (The Journal)