Play Museum


The Play Museum is a place for individuals to escape from the craziness and the bullshit of everyday life. It is a place for visitors to have meaningful and unexpected interactions with others, to engage in various playful game installations, and most importantly, to feel good about being silly. We aim to spark visitors’ inner playful adolescence through body play, object play and imaginative play.


Stag Sans Round, Graphik

The primary logo mark is a deconstruction of Dala Moa, a typeface designed by Paul Barnes (Commercial Type). The rigidity of the mark reflects the stiffness of our society when it comes to adults having fun, but the intersections between the blocky parts emphasize that there is always room for a good time. The secondary logotype uses Stag Sans Round, a typeface designed by Christian Schwartz and Ross Milne (Commercial Type). The secondary logotype takes a friendlier approach, with its swelling edges and bubbly personality. Both marks are used in various graphic applications throughout the museum.

The tickets at Play Museum serve additional functions in order to bring a fun and interactive experience to the visitors. Playing with the idea of Cards Against Humanity (“the party game for horrible people”), half of the ticket is an answer to one of the many silly and ridiculous questions visitors can find throughout the museum. The ticket also gives each visitor a number that later becomes a lottery number that one could attempt to find in the museum’s ball pit chamber.

Sassy Gift Shop Items

As one moves through the museum, there are numerous game installations and activities (similar to an arcade) where one can earn “play points.” At the Sassy Gift Shop, play points are exchanged for museum products.

Pizza Roulette

At Play Museum’s Chance Cafe, visitors have no control of what they order. Everything becomes a game of chance. To order pizza, visitors will spin the pizza roulette wheel and take whatever the wheel of fortune gives them.