Weekly Cover


Weekly Cover is a personal project of mine where I design a fictional magazine cover a week—whenever I want and on any subject that I desire. This project aims at my desire to step away from my day job as a product designer to embrace the editorial designer within me.


Too many to list out 😀

Photography : Sacha Styles (@sachleno)
Typefaces : Maelstrom Sans, GT Sectra Display, Maple

Photography : Andrean Lim (@andreanlim)
Typefaces : Domaine Sans Fine/Text, Pitch Sans, Untitled Sans

Photography : Alex Andrews (@Alexchandrews)
Typefaces : Leitura Display/News, Maple

Photography : Alexandre Tsuchiya
Typefaces : Gilroy, Leitura News

Photography : Scott Webb (@scottwebb)
Typefaces : Eksell Display, Faction, Roobert

Photography : Josh Nuttall (@jjnuttall)
Typefaces : Champion, GT America, Graphik

Photography : Charles Deluvio (@charlesdeluvio)
Typefaces : GT Pressura, Lyon Text, Platform

Photography : Genessa Panainte (@genessapana)
Typefaces : Feijoa, Platform

Photography : Fabian Møller (@fabimoe)
Typefaces : Maison Neue, Giorgio Sans

Photography : Paweł Czerwiński (@pawel_czerwinski)
Typefaces : GT Pressura, GT Walsheim, Chap, Druk

Photography : Jordi Ganduxe
Typefaces : Austin, GT Pressura, Vista Slab

Photography : Sydney Jackson
Typefaces : Canela, Allium

Photography : Frank McKenna (@frankiefoto)
Typefaces : Ogg, Trio Grotesk

Photography : Josh Nuttall (@jjnuttall)
Typefaces : Recoleta, Object Sans

Photography : Charles Deluvio (@charlesdeluvio)
Typefaces : Cyclone, Router

Photography : Micah Hallahan (@micah_hallahan)
Typefaces : Adelle, Executive, Marian 1565